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3rd iMedia will keep you informed, keep you thinking and get you to create your own positive reality - whatever that may be.

  Amenhotep Quartzite head from Thebes Asaru Abtu Temple Seti I    


Who are We?
Where do We come from?

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In asking the question who are we, many of us start with our city of birth. Some of us speak to our country of origin or even actual birth home. For the multitude of African Americans it is the southern or northern cities, mid-west, or even the west coast and everything in between is where we say we’re from. Even though these are the places of our birth and many of us are United States citizens, our lineage is traced back to the beginning of time. If you were to continuously trace your mother’s and father’s roots back, you will in end up in Africa (Alkebulahn, being the oldest name of Africa).
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